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Because YOU MATTER, our programs include:

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My Style Matters, Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps to strengthen communities by offering sustainable programs that will inspire people to reach their full potential and give them HOPE.


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The Lives We Impact

In Memory of our first Kick Can't-cer Warrior, Ms. Whitley L. Littlejohn, a special scholarship fund called Whitley's Angels, will be rolled out for young cervical cancer survivors in her honor.. 

Details coming soon!

Copyright 2013. My Style Matters. Inc.. All Rights Reserved.

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“It's not always that you find a person gives a much as you do more the cause! Your blessing with with the wellness weekend has help me take a break after from the everyday life that comes becomes hard on the journey. I got to stop breathe relate release and educate myself on things that allow me to live. Thanks for your dedicated and service"


Charlisa Dixon, Warrior

Lithonia, GA


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Our Mission

“Kick Can't-cer has been a resourceful tool of knowledge from holistic to conventional medicine. Tiah is my sister for life as she has such an awesome disposition and knowledge of the my disease process (breast cancer). She is such a “solid” individual that is consistent with her willingness to give back to the community in so many ways. I am grateful that she has been placed in my life through her passion with coming out and networking, along with advocating for those whom are truly underrepresented and misunderstood. Knowledge is the key and to have a foundation or person due some of the legwork for you is a blessing"



Hampton, GA